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2020/08/08 14:43

I have been wondering why DPP administration refuses to carry out free, across-the-board COVID-19 test on the people of Taiwan, and why has it always been prevaricating the question when asked.  I doubt the root cause is money, or the lack of it; besides, DPP has "no face" to ask China Mainland for help. 

Now my doubt has been indirectly proved right.  According to news release yesterday, Hong Kong SAR has decided to provide free COVID-19 tests for 7.5 million residents in HK, nearly one third of Taiwan, on voluntary basis.  Obviously, "Inland" will do the best she can to help HK by providing technicians, test strips, apparatuses, and so on.  FYI, I was told that it costs TWD7,000 out of their own pockets for people of Taiwan to take a COVID-19 test.  Oh my goodness! 

PS  That "Minister" of Heath is still calling COVID-19 as Wuhan Pneumonia on TV up to date.  Mr Chen, except political correctness what else can you do to tackcle the latent pandemic outbreak in Taiwan?