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"呼籲和平"? Errr...
2020/04/14 13:21

The spokeman of Wonky Cai office responded to carrier Liaoning and its auxiliary vessels curised along the east part of Taiwan the other day, besides typical reaction, calling for "peace" across the strait. 

Needless to day, the decision makers in Beijing will not be so guillible as to believe such a calling when Taiwans Uncle Sam is sick right now, nationwide and its carriers in West Pacific, while the Green "legislators" are still calling for changing the name of passports from ROC to Taiwan and demanding China Airlines should have a new name.  But I do not think this is the right time for China Mainland to think of taking any action related to reunification.  I think the men in Zhongnanhai must figure how to bring whole China Mainland back to normal or even ascend to a higher level from the pandemic mire, of which the US is still struggling hard to get out . 

You know, this is a golden opportunity for China Mainland to emulate, or catch up with, the US in all aspects.  Right now the issue of Taiwan is the backburner to her.  Go China, you know what is your first priority, and do not let the opportunity slip away. 

PS  However, I suggest China Mainland cease that ECFA of unfair cross-fertilization in June.  Anyway, Cai administration and its 817 supporters dont like it either. 

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