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2020/03/02 15:05

Report said Mr Hao Longbin, a candidate running for the next president of KMT, claimed the other day that those "comrades" who advocate Taidu should join DPP, while those who espouse "One Country, Two Systems" should go to New Party.  He did not mention what kind of the party line left for those opt to remain in KMT to follow, Dutai or  "Two Countries", or should the formal name of KMT, "Nationalist Party of CHINA" be changed?  Nothing, no nothing.

Ever since that most notorious and tragic 412 Coup happened in 1927, KMT has become a traitor to the will of Dr Sun Yat-sen, and become a comprador serving imperialists.  It totally lost its "central thought" that a politcal party should have.  "Three Principles of People" has become a slogan chanted whenever needed, or even just a fig leaf.  Even worse, it had contracted a chronic and stubborn ill that would have been incurable, whether in Mainland or in Taiwan: infighting.

Maybe Gen Zhang Xueliang could tell you more about the real KMT at:



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1樓. reaizuguo*光彩的兩篇😻
2020/03/03 03:25

"412 Incident"?

I beg your pardon. It was premeditated and well-planned.  It is nothing but a coup.

I just used the conventional Chinese expression. No doubt about it, it was a sheer coup. I have corrected my usage accordingly. Thanks. Retiredbum2020/03/03 03:39回覆