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2020/02/19 10:36

Ms Hua Chunyin, the chief spokeperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wrote in her Twitter "Winter will eventually pass, and spring is sure to come." to express her blessings and optimistic outlook toward overcoming the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 in China Mainland and other places in the world.  There were absolutely nothing wrong with the words themselves, but World Journal was not happy about Ms Hua for her appearance on Twitter. 

Flustered and exasperated, World Journal accused of Ms Hua being a "person of privilege" in China Mainland to have an account of Twitter, while other ordinary people had to "clamber up and over the wall" to get one.  Let me tell you, WJ, one of Ms Hua primary jobs is to promote international propaganda for China, and other people are not in need of.   Twitter can be used as one of her vehicles for the job.  Other mainlanders could also get an account of Twitter, as you implied, with a little ado though.  But why must Chinese government allow Twitter to get into China Mainland; should it not protect Weixin of its own first? 

WJ, you are a broadsheet of Chinese newspaper published in the US, that is alright.  But you dont have to write such a sycophantic review to arouse anti-China sentiments so blatantly as to please your master in America and those readers of Taidu/Dutai in Taiwan.       

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