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2020/02/16 12:32

Recently a former colleague of mine asked me to buy some bottles of remedy containing lutein(葉黃素) here in America for him and his wife, who are seniors over 70 like me.  Why taking lutein?  They said it is helpful for their eyes because the images on the dramas they are "chasing" from TV or internet have been more and more blurred everyday, and lutein would protect their visibility.  I am not sure about that but just do it as they told.  Well, it reminded me of something else.

One day not long ago when I was in Taipei, another former colleague asked us to excuse him for leaving the dinner gathering earlier because he had to hasten home to drip routine eyedrops for his over 90-years-old father, who had been almost blind.  My colleague was pushing 70 then, and before 65 he applied early retirement mainly for taking care of his long-widowed father.  He has completely fulfilled his filial duties as a son; however, the serious question is: he has been also a senior now and for how long will he able to contiune taking care of his father, himself as well?

I guess everybody is longing for longevity, but nobody can guarantee himself or herself being hale and hearty all the time till the last day.  So "老有所依" is  essentially an important matter for individuals and the public.