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2019/11/08 12:29

We were riding a 8-v, all-wheeled gas-guzzler for a long-range travel in southern Xinjiang, and sometimes we had to trudge over rugged desert, so there must be a large fuel consumption for the SUV.  But every time when the tour guide wanted to enter the fenced gas stations to refuel, we, the passengers, all had to get out of the car and proceed to the exit to wait, without being allowed to enter the stations.  The tour guide later told us every refueling record of all vehicles every time is kept to check if there is any possibly abnormal usage on gas.

Once we had to take a short cut, instead of taking highways with checkpoints, to our destination earlier for accommodations.  When we arrived the city, we were "detained" and "inquired" for half an hour as to explain why hadnt we taken highways as other travellers did.  Early next morning we found a deep-blue Audi, without any plate, tracking us along all the locals we were on until we drove into a highway.  (Our tour guide said that Audi without a plate is a police car with special mission.  Its job was not only monitering us, but also protecting us, the four aged Taiwan compatriots.  I agreed with him.) 

When we later left Kashigar(喀什) for returning flight, I encountered the toughest security check ever at airports.  Besides the usual checks found in any other airports, a young woman security staff skin-searched me all over my body, I mean "all over",  with her hands, and I was not allowed to leave anything in my pockets, not even a sheet of paper.  After having done with her hands, she used a censor device to search my whole body again, including the soles.   

How about daily life?  Is security check everywhere?  Yes, it is.  Any larger, indoor public places: supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and so on, are all equipped with censor machines at entrances.

PS  Well, I am not complaining here.  On the contrary, I do espouse such kind of security measures taken in Xinjiang.  It protects inhabitants of local Han people and Uyghur people, as well as vistors like us.  Anyway, it is the lives of all good and innocent people that really matter, and it is also the true spirit of "serving the people".

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