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2019/08/21 05:39

Report said KMT chairman Wu declared the other day that the line of his party regarding the cross-stait relationship is a statutory "one China with different definition" instead of the one that Ms Hong had always emphasized: One China with same definition.  Rumors said KMT have had a replacement plan version 2.0 to deter Ms Hong Xiuzhu from taking part in the legislator election in Tainan where is one of the most difficult constituency for KMT to win. 

Needless to say, the pretext is just the same as the one that rescinding the candidacy of Ms Hong in 2016 "presidential" election: her unpopular "One China with same definition" would bring an adverse impact on KMT campaign either in "president" or in legislators.  What a falsehood of statement it is!  I always believe DPP would have won anyway, but not a landslide victory over KMT in 2016 if that notorious replacement were not taken place.   Lousy, cowardly KMT, it simply sucks.  You had better go into ashes of history, and make it quick as possible as you can!

PS Ms Hong promised yesterday that she will not "mention" her notion during the campaign if she is to be nominated. 

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