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紀政女士, 您不甘寂寞嗎?
2018/04/02 22:59

In my previous writing (, I told you the ironic stories that ROC was striving like hell for representing the sole China in the Olympic games of 1952 through 1980.  I can clear remember the scene that in 1960 Rome game, ROC was forced to use the name of "Taiwan" and the team was holding a signboard of "Under Protest" when entered into arena to attend the opening ceremony. 

Ms. Ji Zheng either partcitipated in or got herself involved in the games.  She must know how hard the process that ROC has been through from being Republic of China to Chinese Taipei.  She must also know since PRC secured the sole ligitimate status of representing China, ROC has had no chance at all to use "Taiwan" as its official name; unless, it is willing to give up the precious opportunities for boosting its "international visibility", let alone the precious opportunities for Taiwans young athletes. 

So, Ms. Ji are you unwilling to remain out of the limelight, arent you?    

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