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2018/03/30 22:03

Subject famous words were said by ex-general-coach Liu Guoliang(劉國梁) to his table tennis athletes when they had matchups with Jap opponents.  Now I think Chinas Mainland can apply the same words to Taidu advocates who are doing business in Mainland, including those of show biz. 

Last evening I happened to see a notorious TV pundit, that political chameleon Yao, barking out that people of Taiwan should sympatize with those directors, actors, and entertainers who had been "forced" to say something against their political prospensity and self identity, so as not rub salt into the wounds of theirs again.  What he said had just exposed those "victims" are nothing but double-dealers. 

The 31 benefit measures is to level the playing field for Taiwan compatriots to do business, invest, and study in Mainland with the status as nationals.  The prerequisite for such an advantange is they are "compatriots"; otherwise, why doesnt Mainland give the same favor to foreigners?  Therefore, the prerequisite, no matter overt or covert, is quite fair, isnt it?

However, you know, one of the basic notions of Taidu is the advocates dont admit they are a Chinese; even worse, they act just like a China-hater.  Under this circumstance, how could you ask Chinas Mainland to show so magnanimous a bosom that to love her enemies unconditionally? 

Dear Mainland netizens, please debunk the information of those Taidu advocates to authorities and dont let them live in China, no mercy. Needless to say, please dont witchhunt. 

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