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2017/11/10 16:13

A Taiwan tourist, or a tour guide, showed his PRC temporary passport on facebook; later on Cai administration revoked his ROC nationality, according to some report.

The PRC passport is an expedient and ad hoc travel document issued to Taiwan torists to facilitate them visting Russias Vladivostok(海參崴) from Northeastern China.  In fact, the practice has been a big favor granted to Taiwan compartriots; otherwise, it will take tourists relatively huge cost of money and time to obtain a timely Russian visa.  (My elder brother used to be the chief information officier in Moscow for six years, but I failed to visit him and Moscow throughout his tenure.  Why not?  Because the complicated and time-comsuming procedures for getting a Russia visa deterred me from seeking such a chance.)

Several years ago, a group of tourists and I experienced such a favor ourselves.  Please see my previous writing "東北紀行六" at

P.S.  Cai and DPP, dont you fear of divine retribution?  Remember this: eventually people of Taiwan will vote with their feet.  BTW, Mr. 唐湘龍 also wrote a similar but indepth critique of "這個政府有病。病得太嚴重了。十九大出現一個「土台代表」盧麗安,竟然就把這個政府逼出原形,徹底瘋狂。"  Please search to read the article if you are interested in. 

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