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2017/10/31 12:10

In lunar 9th day of September, or Seniors' Day, Ke P and city of Taipei orchestrated a mountain hiking at Niehu District, in which there were also ticket-drawing for giveaways.  Unfortunately, because of so many people scrambling for relatively few tickets, 23 seniors were hurt in the jostle.  After the incident, Ke P apologized and claimed he didn't expect there would have had so many participants joining the event, as many as one hundred thousand. (I doubt the figure.)  He also promised to do some compensation and make every seniors "happy".

An erstwhile colleague of mine said in his LINE message that the reason Ke P held such an event was his attempt to recover the support from seniors, which had declined since his revocation of the pecuniary gifts customarily given on Seniors' Day.  Did Ke P outsmart himself?  It depends; may be or may be not.  Anyway, what he did had been all for the next election, and that's for sure.  Poor island, stupid islanders!     

P.S. When I am in Taipei, I live at Niehu District, not far from the event taken place.  But I would never attend such kind of activity.  Always remember, fellow seniors, that "fools rush in where angels fear to tread", especially when you don't have strong muscles and legs any more.  Well, seniors, you'd better try to remember some close relatives or friends on this particular day at home, like Mr. Wang Wei did over a thousand years ago.  (He wrote this poem at only 17.)

王維: 九月九日憶山東兄弟





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