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2017/09/14 15:10

Yesterday I talked about that Li Mingzhe received an open, televised trial at a secondary court in Hunan.  This morning I watched a talk show and found his wife, also named Li, was performing at court, or somewhere else, a highly suggestive move of what the islanders had been familiar with.  She displayed to the camera both of her arms, on which some slogan were printed.  I didn't notice what the words were, but it didn't matter.  What she did was a hint of highly political posturing, and that mattered.

The next show she performed was in the airport.  Ms. Li used a special single entry permit to enter into Mainland, not the mutiple permanent ID for Taiwan compatriots.  According to the regulation she must return the permit to customs when she leaves Mainland.  But she argued with the official at the airport why she couldn't retain the permit.  Due to her irrational act, the flight delayed and all passengers onboard waited for her over an hour.  Why did she want to keep that permit?  I guess she was accumulating her political capital, though she failed to gain her purpose eventually.   

So some of you may agree with the next step she'll most likely take: to participate in next election at any cost may have, including compromising her husband in further torture.  Well, all sorts of her antics just demonstrated the distortion of human nature for political reason, as well as the absurdity of so-called democracy in this pathetic society of Taiwan!


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