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2017/09/13 15:54

Li Mingzhe(李明哲), a NGO activist from Taiwan was accused of violating China's domestic law with the charge of subversion.  He was openly interrogated at a secondary court in Hunan yesterday, and he admitted his wrongdoings on the spot and claimed that his confession had been under no duress.  His wife was allowed to attend the trial and had an opportunity to pass message by winking at her husband.  (Prior to the trial, the couple had met each other already.)

Well, happy now, islanders?  You may say the trial was just a law showcase demonstrated by China's Mainland.  But may I bring up your memories on the similar case which happen almost the same time as that of Li's?  The student from Mainland, Zhou, was arrested and accused of engaging espionage in Taiwan.  Report said in the court he denied the testimony he previously made during detention, and even worse was after so many months there had been none of his family members were permitted in seeing him anytime, any place.  Dear islanders, where is your sense of human rights, where is your spirit of ruling by laws?

Some critics said what Li did in Mainland was pertaining to the sphere of freedom of speech.  But we just have to put ourselves in others' position, like that of Mainland's.  Besides don't talk with me about the biased freedom of speech in Taiwan; think that hapless Mr. Guo Guanyin.

By the way, Mr. Li, you've got to stay away from those goddam NGOs.  Remember, as your name suggests, you'd better "明哲"保身.         


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3樓. 驀然回首 (拜登出手? 趙少康主動?)
2017/09/15 10:58
公開審判,證據確鑿到 細節都能娓娓道來,只有詐騙黨 才會 一直硬抝

看看人家,依證據,依法條 公開審判李明哲,還讓家屬旁聽,完全是現代法治國家。



台灣是沒人權 沒法治 的落後地帶,離文明世界太遠,居然還天天用「自由民主」自我催眠洗腦。太好笑了!

China's Mainland acquitted herself pretty well this time. Well, democracy Taiwanese style is nothing but antics. Retiredbum2017/09/16 00:11回覆
2樓. pearlz (民進黨抹黑霸凌WHO )
2017/09/14 07:04




I agree. This time China's Mainland just did a flawless job! Retiredbum2017/09/14 15:20回覆
1樓. 馮紀游陸游:冬夜夢金陵
2017/09/13 16:27
Double standard is common now in Taiwan. Law is just a political tool for the government.
You can say that again! Thanks. Retiredbum2017/09/14 15:18回覆