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An unwelcome label on Kimen branded spirits.
2017/05/19 01:15

I seldom watch political talk shows back in Taiwan because they are telecast during prime time in the evening, and that is my prime time of the day also.  But here in America there are two 中天 talk shows that I like to watch, for one is on 8 a.m when usually I have just had my breakfast everyday, and the other one is on 1 p.m just before I am going to take a nap.   

The other day I saw a funny outdoor scene which was shot in a Kimen souvenir shop.  You know, the branded spirits made of sorghum in Kimen have are always popular for tourists from Mainland.  Everybody would like to purchase as many bottles as they are alowed to.  But a clerk of one ship told the reporter that the number of tourists from Mainlnad to Kimen had plummeted after Cai administration taking the office.  You know why, and worse enough, the clerk implied that now some memorial bottles are labered with the photo of Presiden Cai Yingwen and Veep Chen Jianzen, on which both "leaders" smiled happily, but the buyers from Mainland loathe their images.  That had also attributed to the drastic sales drop in that renowned brand of Kimen. 

So funny, Cai and Chen are really "不待見" in Mainland. 

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