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The wedding and the watch.
2017/05/16 03:18

No matter here in America or in Taiwan, the modern and popular weddings are similar in their forms according to local custom, and the difference only lies in thier pomp: British royal weddings, Senator John F. Kennedy's, the one of A-Bian's son, and so on; or just some ordinary wedding receptions.  My son's wedding was held in a manor not far from Indiana University, the college where my daughter-in-law used to study as a graduate student.  All of guests from my side and my wife's side all stayed in the hotel located amid the beautiful campus, which is also an affiliate to the university.  Well, the wedding seemed not a bad one, being above average. 

In the wedding my son was wearing a watch given by his cousin, my nephew and my brother's son; the watch that my father bequeathed to him.  It's a Rolex, and as far as I can remember that was one of few "luxurious" stuff he had ever owned.  (I don't know if he had owned himself other luxurious things when he was once the only son of a very wealthy landlord, my granddad, back at my hometown in Mainland.)  My father gave the watch to his elderest grandson, and now it was on the wrist of my son's, his second grandson.  I told my son that he should pass the watch to his younger cousin, my youngest brother's son, when he gets married, and then the first grandson of our four brothers'.  Just let's pass on the give and the take of the watch, and let's the tradition continue till eternity.    


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