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Cai vs. Guo
2017/05/10 13:51

That wonky Cai sent message in her Twitter twelve times in these days, calling for support from "allies" as to help Taiwan take part in WHA this year, but to no avail at all.  According to report, WHA spokeswoman said in a news conference that it's absolutely at China's discretion to let or not to let Taiwan in, nobody else's.  Why?  Because nobody in this world dare to defy "One China" principle, and that's an "international" reality 

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According to CGTN news, China's premier Li Keqiang visited Foxconn and its CEO Guo Taimin yesterday at Zhengzhou, Henan.  Li pledged that China's Mainland will continue to provide an open environment for foreign investment; needless to say, that will include Honghai and Guo from Taiwan for sure.  Well, people may associate the visit with a recent cry that urges Guo to run for president in 2020.  So the visit may be deemed as a "domestic" fact. 

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be out of town to attend my son's wedding, so I'll take couple days' rest.  See you guys later.    

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