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2017/04/24 16:51

Report said recently the association of Taiwanese merchants in Shanghai offered 800 odd job opportunities for the young candidates of Taiwan, which turned out to attract over ten thousand applicants to scramble for the slots.  According to the report, the average starting salary offered is not that so much higher than that in Taiwan employment market.  Why did those young people still rush in?  They don't want to be trapped in this tiny island which has been suffered from long stagnation of low-salary, and they can't see any prospects of improvement in a place full of political machinations but no way out of economic doldrums. 

The phonomenon makes me think of a well-known phrase during the civil war in late 40's: "此處不留爺, 自有留爺處. 處處不留爺,爺去當八路."  Time was when Anti-Japanese War had been over, KMT government wanted to demobilize  and reduce the armed forces, especially those "non-central" soldiers and those who were under puppy government of Wong during the war.  The slogan, which might have been deliberately mapped out, caused thousands of "unemployed" soldiers moved to CCP camp.  Anyway, when people were at the end of their means, they had to find a way out, weren't they?

Time has changed, but now people can vote with their feet.  Dear young guys, businessmen, and entrepreneurs: you shall have to seek your bright future in Mainland, not elsewhere, or you have to approve of an ultimate unification with China's Mainland by peaceful means; otherwise, you will be stuck in an island which is sinking deeper and deeper into the mire.   


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