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Four Beautiful Women
2017/04/20 16:22

Last evening I had a feast with four of my erstwhile lady colleagues.  When they knew I have been writing blog since I retired from work, they jokingly demanded me write something about them under the title of "four beautiful women".  So I did it today.

They are all capable workers, almost immaculate in assignments.  I think they all have a family, independent children of their own, and a happy marriage, too.  That's life, a "beautiful" life, isn't it?  So what more can they ask for?  Cross my heart, ladies, you are all good-looking women.  It's a little didatic, but I have to say, like I've alway said it: you don't have to be pretty to be beautiful. 

Keep in touch and get together often, four beautiful women, otherwise someday I might not recognize some of you when we run across each other on streets or you might be dumbstruck to find me such a senile guy standing in front of you.  (And you might be agape to drop your false teeth out of your mouth, if by the time you will have had one.)

All the best, ladies.     


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1樓. pearlz (上天賜我天使,我卻猶豫)
2017/04/21 11:18



我女兒也是,現在我不知道 但是幾年前她說過,特別關注我的標題「女兒」的文章,還有英文標題,所以我後來不輕易寫'「女兒」兩個字為標題,也不愛用英文標題。呵呵。

Interesting. Thank you for your advice! Retiredbum2017/04/21 17:35回覆