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Selena Gomez-Intuition 歌詞
2011/12/08 16:52
I feel like I'm walking in the sky (Whoa. Whoa.)

Yesterday, tears were in my eyes (Whoa. Whoa.)(Oh)

With a bad day, yeah I've been there before

But I keep my head up so I don't have those anymore

I made a ____ to be the best that I could ever be

Gotta stay positive, ignore the negativity


I'm gonna follow my intuition

Telling myself to listen

Everything's gonna be okay

(It's gonna be a good day) (Ohhhhh..)

It's gonna be a good day

Follow my Intuition

It's gonna be good day

I gotta go with what feels right (Whoa....Whoa)

Don't always need a reason why (Whoa...Whoa)

What's the problem ?

Compare to the weight of the world

We're trying to please every man, women, boy, and girl

Intuition 歌詞
音樂 ABC

Better pick up the pace

There ain't no time to waste

Tomorrow's never promise so I started living for today


I don't know ways that I just gotta let go

Yell it come back it's always easy to know

Sometimes it just gets so confusing

Feel like I don't know what I'm doing

(But I trusted my heart and in in it)

Turns out to be better than when it begins

You see what's meant to be it's gonna happen

"You know it's gonna be a good day"

Gonna follow my intuition

"I said it's gonna be a good day"

Everything's gonna be okay

"It's gonna be a good day (Whoa. Whoa.)

Gonna follow my intuition

"It's gonna be good day" (Oh..Whoa)

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