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It has been a crazy day
2013/06/15 11:45

I was feeling kind of irritated and cranky from being around a large amount of people for hours, being an introvert my brain was starting to overload and get overstimulated and my tiredness was starting to catch up with me again.

It didn't help that there were pretty talkative and noisy people in the car, I just wanted some peace, but they decided they wanted to sing Christmas songs in the car. I turned on Nightwish radio on my iPhone and cranked it up so most of it was drowned out. I was not in the mood for more Christmas songs, but apparently power metal was just fine international SEO.

We were going to stop at McDonalds on our way back, but changed out minds when we got there. We just went straight home. When we got home (around 11:50pm) I kicked off my boots, put my stuff away, made myself a sandwich, and some tea and then went back downstairs Comelow.

Anyway, here I am now just watching anime and I've been typing this for an hour and a half, just taking my sweet time.  It is around 2:30am now, I am going to change the date of this post though so it is in on the day I intended it to be on. I am rather picky about that apparently. :)

It has been a crazy day, but fun at the same time. I would have loved to sleep more today, but I'm glad I chose to go to the concert instead. I am pretty sure I am going to sleep like the dead tonight. I wonder what kind of dreams I'll have tonight plastic storage drawers

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