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Dear bother,

I have left the message on my board. You can come to my blog. Thank you


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2016/03/10 13:39

                                        祖述堯舜章文武  德參天墜冠古今

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2016/01/04 05:40
親愛的 天恩客兄,

Although I am living comfortably overseas for the past so many years, my heart is still always with my beloved homeland Taiwan.

Seeing the political chaos, ethnic divisions, and social disintegrations in the past 20 some years in Taiwan, I cannot but feel deeply worried, angered, and depressed.

All these started by the 日籍秦檜泥燈毀 and aided by the 奸酸狡詐送厨餘. Just imagine: 選錯一介市長已如此不堪, 要是今年選錯了總統, 其毒害將更甚千百倍...

I firmly believe that should the evil and corrupted 冥近黨 candidate is elected to be the next president, the future of our beloved homeland is doomed.

天佑 中華民國!~~~