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I will not be your past glory lamp
2017/04/10 18:01

Years only yellowed bookmarks, no undefeated flowers. Years of blank, so that the story of the ink withered degree, shades affordable. Memories are a vegetable in your palm, no matter how devious you, it will always slip away in the fingers, and finally those water stains will be time to evaporate.
This year, I did not miss the joy of meeting with you, know the warmth, Xiangxi aesthetic. Crying tears of warmth for a long time suffering from sour. Embracing the heat to disperse the thoughts of torture and sentimental. I use the silence of the face of a season after another season of cold, with a smile interpretation again and again helpless. How many feng shu in the past Qingxie misery, has long been the years into a warm landscape, carved in the heart of the wall, quiet waiting time painted white.
The days of the fall, such as falling leaves and petals, gradually farther is the youth of the pride and romance, I do not know how much wind and rain floating in the chest echoed in the ear, only know that the vicissitudes of life has long eroded my heart, climbed my face. Season conversion, time flies, I can not see the rain pear, no longer smell the fragrance still! Do not want to sad, but when the night light together, there will always be a soft and sore feeling straight to the heart. The edge of the edge to go, flowers and fresh flowers.
It was raining again last night. A Sichuan misty rain, a touch of leisure worry, half painted poetry and literature, half pour tea. Quietly listening to the rain knock the window of the string sound, a light and far away quietly immersed in the wind and rain in the clouds. Meditation, sandalwood curl, my micro-Kai's dry lips, it seems also contaminated a little sandalwood moist. I traveled thousands of miles, and I was not the light of your past life! The At the beginning of the case, blooming charming; look back, decorated with red marks. A Ping Ju, a pass in the past, in you, shallow light, elegant as the wind In me, tender and beautiful flower of the poison, has deep bone marrow. I had to hide the tears in the barren before the order, with a slight rain of thin cool. Drizzle, dotted like ink melancholy, swaying out of the Siman Acacia,
Life in a hurry and lived too many pedestrians, for whom the joy, for whom the sad, who struggled for whom, for whom the nostalgia.I think that even if that fly blossoming eyes blurred eyes, regardless of Colorful Pina Dance faint heart, there is a clear to the eyes can not escape, staring at you, affectionate gentle to you into the bottom of my heart.
True love has never been lively. Love your people, is to accompany you with calm and dull. If you love me because i love you, that you actually did not love me so much, but I am a tool to meet narcissism; if you love me because i do not love you, then you do not really love me , You are just too love to win, and addicted to pain. Only I can understand your shadow and embarrassment, you can accommodate my paranoid and rough, we pampered each other's lovely and not love, love, really come
Love is the case, when the peach blossoming, when walking, falling plum have. Suddenly turned, who remembered that once the sea. Quietly in my most nostalgic time,