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〈曠野〉 片 斷 4
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丹麥哲學家齊克果以為我們心中若未存有永恆,則一代代人不斷地綿延,有如森林中之落葉,一層層地堆積下去,毫無意義。然而永恆可持否?人對永恆的指望究係為何?天國的意義究竟何所在?永續存在的真締難道仍只為延續世上的生命?然而永恆可持否?或者如同宗教指渉的永續存在於天堂?天堂的含義就是快樂嗎?可是人類對快樂的定義是由感官得來的滿足,這種感覺需要永續保有嗎? 值得一直保有嗎?

The horizon of the endless wilderness is only one of me alone, away from people, and I don’t want to disturb others. Others can’t disturb me. The music sounds loud and the price is completely relaxed. The world can no longer abandon the constraints of modern social life and customs. Try to keep the soul alone, without newspapers, without internet, try your own imagination, no longer let the outside or others provide materials for you to kill time, but because The awareness of growing up is still incapable of staying away from the moment the self that lives in and originates from it.

Music that pours or seduce emotions makes people feel sentimental and joyful or passionate and emotional. however, for me, the tone level with the bottom of the scene must not match the classical music or instrumental music that can be extracted from the sound. My beliefs are also like this. Although I cant use music to metaphorize my thoughts, the impression that I suddenly passed by, makes me feel that there are some similarities. The god created by the image of the person itself will never be higher than the object of worship. God is supreme, transcending man and his thoughts, and therefore man cannot make a god beyond him by his own imagination and simulation.

The gods projected in the image of human beings never exceed the people themselves. Idol worship can never lead me to the supremacy of religion. Only the abstract but omnipresent godhead that does not have a personality or anthropomorphic image excites my religious attributes and imaginations.
The existing environment and facts are the dark centers of things around the bottom of the self. However, if the human beings survive, they simply continue to survive or continue to stretch like all creatures for generations, so there is no need to be so troublesome to survive. If the meaning of life is only continuous and self-sustaining, if God’s will only ends here, what expectations do people have and rely on it?

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard thought that if there is no eternity in our hearts, then generations will continue to stretch, like the leaves in the forest, pile up layer by layer, meaningless. But can it be eternal? What is the reason for peoples eternal expectations? What is the meaning of the kingdom of heaven? Is the true existence of perpetuity still only for the life of the world? Or is it like a religious guide that exists in heaven forever? Is the meaning of heaven happy? But human beings definition of happiness is the satisfaction of the senses. Does this feeling need to be preserved forever? Is it worth keeping it all the time?
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