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The trouble with knowledge in the cloud
2020/03/09 15:51

Time and time once again, usecured databases hosted during the cloud wind up accessed by unauthorized parties thanks to configuration errors.

Eldad Chai, CEO and co-founder of knowledge safety and governance business Satori Cyber, claims that transpires because today’s product for information stability is completely insufficient for your cloud.

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“For years, information has long been couched in levels of security, from network stability to application stability, end-point safety to anomaly detection. This strategy ensured that gaps were being more or less coated and significantly minimal the true menace of a information leak. Unfortunately, this layered security solution has unsuccessful for being applied as organizations migrate for the cloud-and very little else has taken its area,” he famous.

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“Relying on cloud configuration management alone cannot preserve businesses secure from details leaks which is lots of actions small of maintaining huge details stores risk-free. It really is more than enough for a person staff to replicate a VM housing sensitive info to an atmosphere that is not configured to hold it to bring the whole [thing] down.”bachelor of early childhood education

When vital, cloud configuration administration shouldn’t be the last line of data security protection, he suggests, as it is not isolated from natural environment alterations, straightforward to configure and implement, transparent and common (working on any ecosystem).


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