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Leave a little dream for themselves
2014/04/23 10:30

Growth on the road, a rainbow, also have rain. When successful, leaving a clear to yourself, you'll find out, more ideal to pursue; happiness, leave a little responsibility for yourself, you'll find out, how happy to help others; in time of sadness, leaving a little smile to myself, you'll find out, ordinary life is full of sunshine; failed, leaving a little dream for themselves, you'll find out how wide, the road ahead.
Leave a little dream for themselves, the flowers will be blooming in the miracle of life; a dream for themselves, the meteor will across the swan song of life; a dream for themselves, the fireworks will sway the passion of life; a dream for themselves, we will play a hymn of life.
We cry and came to this strange world, looking for the dream in a complex world, to find a belongs to own sky, looking for his own life.
Life is wonderful, long lifeline and inferior segment from a fixed endpoint to another fixed endpoint ended, but on the passions point on the ups and downs. I leave no trace of wings in the sky, but we have been over.
In the face of life on the road at the thorns, we can not dream. Hemingway in "the old man and the sea" said: "a man can be destroyed, but not defeated." The decadence in the fight against weak, strong in the fight against the strong.
In the bitter failure, we learned to be strong, how brave is dauntless; in not easy success, we gain confidence, see mountain still can; in sad misunderstanding, we understand the understanding, experience after melt away easily; fretting complain, we know the understanding, sentiment to others for their care.
Leave a little dream for themselves, people's life in the gain and loss, and a struggle between, enrich. If the life and struggle to save, like a rainbow across the sky, like the bloom on the winter.
Different people have different aspirations., everyone's life is colorful, but only a dream, to be happy. Tao Yuanming in the "mining Ju tori, the leisurely to see the quiet and elegant found in Nanshan"; Wang Wei in "according to the moon between pine, clear spring stone upper class" to get the spiritual home of peace and joy in the moonlight; Zhu Ziqing had found a pond...... Hard as in the past, it is a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. Their way of life make history, we should strive to enrich themselves, although silent, but solid does not move.
The sun rises in the dream place; the moon in dream place hazy; perseverance in overcoming the difficulties appeared; spirit in the victory over self sublimation. Because of its unearthed grass before the fight, and feel the spring of love; because the eagle fly before the fight, and feel the broad.

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