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小額借款台中 或比較台灣各家銀行方案
2017/02/23 14:08



Academia Sinica researcher Lam Ching-hung (林正洪), who is also the director of the seismic observation station on Datunshan, published his research at the end of last year in the journal Scientific Reports.

The research showed that there is a magma chamber about 20台中民間借貸km beneath the Datun Volcanic Group and that the chamber, a large underground pool of liquid rock, is about one-fourth the size of Taipei.

Though seismologists have proven the existence of a magma chamber under the Datun Volcanic Group (大屯火山群), the Central Weather Bureau said yesterday that the finding does not mean that the volcanoes in the group小額借款快速撥款 are active.

The Datun Volcanic Group is located within Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei and it consists of about 20 volcanoes土地銀行公教信用貸款 near the north coast of the nation, including Datunshan (大屯山) and Cisingshan (七星山).代辦信用貸款

“Another sign would be the depth of the epicenters of the earthquakes, whether they are getting closer to the surface. These two factors would help determine if the magma chamber is moving upward,” he said.

Media reports of Lam’s research triggered fears of the poss小額貸款率利最低銀行ibility that one of the Datun Volcanic Group could erupt, particularly because the group is so cl台北民間信貸ose to the largest metropolitan area in the nation, as well as two nuclear power plants.

However, they all agreed that the Datun Volcanic Group had erupted approximately 100,000 to 200,000 years ago, he said.

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Central Weather Bureau Director-General Shin Tzay-chyn (辛在勤) yesterday said Lam’s studies only prove that there 代書借款陷阱is a magma chamber underneath Taipei, adding that Lam concluded his study by saying that more research is required to understand the characteristics of the magma chamber.

Shin was pu2017房貸利率最低的銀行比較中國信託信貸過件率zzled that people would think Lam’s research means that the Datun中古車貸條件 Volcanic Group is active and would erupt, since Lam mentioned none of this in his pap卡債協商後多久恢復信用er.

“One cannot say that the Datun Volcanic Group contains active volcanoes simply because there is a magma chamber underneath it, because all the volcanoes that have erupted in the past would have had magma chambers underneath them or else they would not have erupted in the first place,” Shin said. “We did not dispute the existence of such a magma chamber, we just did not know where it was. Lam’s research specifically pointed out that the chamber is about 20km under the ground. However, the point is whether the volcanoes would evolve to become active or extinct. Both outcomes are possible.”

Shin said a few years ago scientists pointed to some evidence that showed that the Datun Volcanic Group had erupted 5,000 years ago, although the the代書貸款利息ory was 內政部青年首次購屋優惠房貸2017not accepted by all seismologists.

NO EVIDENCE: Research published at the end of last year showed that there is a magma chamber under Taipei, not that a volcano is active, the Central土地貸款成數 Weather Bureau said

Asked what signs would show that a volcano is becoming increasingly active, Shin said that one sign to observe is if small earthquakes happen more frequently, be台中套房貸款cause it shows that the magma chamber is gradually moving close to the surface.

By Shelley Shan / Staff reporte二手車貸條件r欠卡債協商小額借款桃園

So far, the bureau has yet to detect any increase in the frequency of small earthquakes or other seismic activity in the Datun Volcanic Group that would point to the development of an active volcano, Shin said.


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