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遺世獨立的小城,義大利的天空之城白露里治奧古城(Civita di Bagnoregio)
2015/08/05 23:45

建於2500年,曾是古羅馬時期帝王將相的浴場,如今已無人居住。只靠一條狹窄長橋與外界相連,所有的現代化交通工具都進不了城。從遠處看像一座P漂浮在空中的城堡,因此被稱為「天空之城」。 如今是世界旅者們徒步之旅的終極朝聖之地。



Founded by the Etruscans over 2,500 years ago, it now has a about fifteen residents. It sits on a outcrop of volcanic stone and appears like an island surrounded by its valleys. At one time it was connected to the city of Bagnoregio but that land eroded away and today you enter the city by walking across a footbridge to go up to the old medieval town. Civita di Bagnoregio

Located in the region of Lazio, very near the border with Umbria and less than two hours north the Rome, you can find one of Italy's most charming and uncrowded medieval hill towns, Civita di Bagnoregio.


Although Civita (pronounced Chee-vee-ta) is relatively small, only about 300m in length, it is well worth a visit. It has been given the nickname, "The Dying Town", due to the fact that the edges of this village have been eroding and crumbling down to the valley floor below caused by very infrequent earthquakes in the area.

We came here to do our wedding photos and we fell in love with the beautiful surroundings, the atmosphere and the peace and tranquility.



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