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北極漩渦(Polar Vortex
2014/01/08 23:33

美國受北極漩渦(Polar Vortex)帶來的寒流侵襲,全美溫度都低於零度攝氏。美國北部的尼亞加拉瀑布公園銀裝素裹。Why Is It So Cold? The Polar Vortex, Explained


天寒地凍的天氣,連部分北極熊都投降。芝加哥林肯公園動物園(Lincoln Park Zoo)發言人杜爾(Sharon Dewar)說,14歲母北極熊阿納納(Anana)7日大多縮在攝氏4度的室內。


加拿大和美國除了熱帶夏威夷州以外,各州7日都測得零度以下低溫,即便是平日陽光普照和氣候宜人的佛羅裡達州和加州也不例外。With temperatures nearing 0 degrees, a cloud of steam from a manhole blows across an intersection in downtown Pittsburgh on January 6.

 A massive winter storm on Jan. 2 was followed by very cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills

Ice collects on the Delaware River near Philadelphia on January 8.Ice forms around rocks on the Brooklyn waterfront, across from Lower Manhattan, on January 7, in New York City.

Passengers wait for a train to arrive in Chicago on January 7, when temperatures were below zero.

極地旋渦(polar vortex)挾帶20年來最冷空氣侵襲美國,部份媒體把極地旋渦改稱“北極豬”(polar pig)。嚴寒天氣奪走多條人命、學校停課、商戶暫時歇業、遊民收容所人滿為患,還有數千航班停飛。


明尼蘇達州布里遜(Brimson)出現零下40度低溫,比加拿大北極灣(Arctic Bay)的負35度更冷。

Where on Earth can this happen?

The polar vortex can lead to major cold air outbreaks in any portion of the Northern Hemisphere -- North America, Europe and Asia. This will lead to cold snaps in multiple locations, though not always.

How dangerous is a polar vortex distortion as compared to a tornado or hurricane?

Completely different type of systems. A cold air outbreak caused by the polar vortex is much more widespread and lasts longer than a single storm. With the widespread drop in temperature, however, you can see significant winter storms develop, especially when the cold air is initially advancing into a previously warm region -- much like the nor'easter this past week.



密森尼博物館(Smithsonian Institution)在部落格文章中說:「儘管如此,火星還是比地球冷得多。」


Americans in two dozen states from the Midwest to the Southeast and Northeast are shivering this week courtesy of a distorted polar vortex. The rush of cold air it's sending southward is the biggest visitor from the North Pole since Santa Claus. The gifts it brings, however, are chilling and generally unwelcome. Much of the United States has plunged into a deep freeze from record low temperatures.

What is a polar vortex? What distinguishes it?

The polar vortex, as it sounds, is circulation of strong, upper-level winds that normally surround the northern pole in a counterclockwise direction -- a polar low-pressure system.  These winds tend to keep the bitter cold air locked in the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is not a single storm. On occasion, this vortex can become distorted and dip much farther south than you would normally find it, allowing cold air to spill southward. 


筆者試圖聯繫Boston University 的校友得知MA州的UOB 也因為嚴寒而停課1週沒有訊息








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