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2007/01/31 17:15

海倫‧凱勒How I Become a Socialist (4)


在資本主義陣營的報紙「通報我是社會主義者這項事實」之後,社會主義陣營的報紙確實也寫了許多我的事。但是,所有來採訪的記者都是來自一般商業報刊;沒有社會主義報紙,沒有《喚醒》(The Call)也沒有《國家社會主義者》(National Socialist)曾經為了評論來採訪過我。《公民》的主筆曾經向梅希先生暗示,想對我做一次訪談,但是這位主筆太過小心謹慎而沒明白表示究竟想怎樣。 

《紐約時報》(The New York Times)曾經要求一次,主筆寫信向我保證,要我放心,說他的報紙是公眾中有價值的媒介。他還發電報來,要我給他一份關於成為史肯涅克特市公共福利委員會的成員,我的計畫書,並且概要寫寫我對於那個職務的理念。好在我沒有配合他的要求,因為幾天後,這家報紙踰越正直同情心的邊界,把我寫成被社會遺棄的人。921,這家報紙出現了一篇社論〈天譴的邪惡紅旗〉(The Comtemptible Red Flag);其中的兩段是這樣: 



The Socialist papers, it is true, did make a good deal of me after the capitalist papers had "heralded the fact that I am a Socialist." But all the reporters who came to see me were from ordinary commercial newspapers. No Socialist paper, neither The Call nor the National Socialist, ever asked me for an article. The editor of The Citizen hinted to Mr. Macy that he would like one, but he was too fine and considerate to ask for it point-blank.  

The New York Times did ask me for one. The editor of the Times wrote assuring me that his paper was a valuable medium for reaching the public and he wanted an article from me. He also telegraphed asking me to send him an account of my plans and to outline my ideas of my duties as a member of the Board of Public Welfare of Schenectady. I am glad I did not comply with this request, for some days later the Times made me a social outcast beyond the range of its righteous sympathies. On September 21 there appeared in the Times an editorial called "The Comtemptible Red Flag." I quote two passages from it:  

"The flag is free. But it is none the less detestable. It is the symbol of lawlessness and anarchy the world over, and as such is held in contempt by all right-minded persons."  

"The bearer of a red flag may not be molested by the police until he commits some act which the red flag justifies. He deserves, however, always to be regarded with suspicion. By carrying the symbol of lawlessness he forfeits all right to respect and sympathy."