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2007/01/03 11:03

How I Become a Socialist

First Published: the New York Call , November 3, 1912

Source: Helen Keller: Her Socialist Years (International Publishers, 1967)

Online Version: Helen Keller Reference Archive ( 2000


海倫‧凱勒   東年  

過去幾個月中,我的名字和社會主義經常同時在報紙出現。一個朋友和我說,我已經和棒球、羅斯福總統、紐約警察的醜聞分占重要新聞版位。我並不完全樂意這種關連,但是,大體上,我很高興許多人關心我,以及注意我的老師梅希女士(安妮‧蘇利文)的教育成就。連惡名也可能用於行善;所以,如果報紙在報導我的活動,同時,社會主義這個字眼會更常出現在它們的專欄,我就會感到欣喜。我希望自己將來能夠從事有關社會主義的寫作,而且為大量和我以及我的主張一致的宣傳辯護。到目前為止,這個議題我寫的和談的都很少。我曾經寫過幾封信,尤其有一封是寫給佛瑞德‧沃倫同志(Fred Warren),發表在他編輯的社會主義報刊《訴諸理性》(Appeal to Reason)。我曾經和幾位記者談話,《紐約世界報》(New York World)的愛爾蘭先生是其中之一,他完整而且公正的將我的意見寫了一篇好看的報導。我從來沒去過紐約東部的史肯涅克特市(Schenectady),沒見過藍市長(Mayor Lunn),也沒和他通過信;但是他透過我恩師的丈夫梅希先生傳給我親切的口信。可是,因為我的恩師梅希夫人正病著,我放棄任何我必須去史肯涅克特市聲援勞工的計畫。 

For several months my name and socialism have appeared often together in the newspapers. A friend tells me that I have shared the front pages with baseball, Mr. Roosevelt and the New York police scandal. The association does not make me altogether happy but, on the whole, I am glad that many people are interested in me and in the educational achievements of my teacher, Mrs. Macy (Anne Sullivan). Even notoriety may be turned to beneficent uses, and I rejoice if the disposition of the newspapers to record my activities results in bringing more often into their columns the word Socialism. In the future I hope to write about socialism, and to justify in some measure the great amount of publicity which has been accorded to me and my opinions. So far I have written little and said little about the subject. I have written a few letters, notably one to Comrade Fred Warren which was printed in the Appeal to Reason. I have talked to some reporters, one of whom, Mr. Ireland of the New York World, made a very flattering report and gave fully and fairly what I said. I have never been in Schenectady. I have never met Mayor Lunn. I have never had a letter from him, but he has sent kind messages to me through Mr. Macy. Owing to Mrs. Macy's illness, whatever plans I had to join the workers in Schenectady have been abandoned.