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Lame weather, awful living
2016/07/18 16:51
The rain spell still pours down on many southern provinces. Time again proves the fragile infrastructure of mankind. Cities and villages are saturated in the water, people are under the threat of lives and loss of property. Every time, the news let me sink into the thought of those drainpipes with a diameter of a bowl’s dermes vs medilase.

When it comes to the civilization, we benefit the good created from technology and wisdom crystalized from ancestor. The relation between devastation and modernization displays the cripple evolution of human beings. We also have to be aware of the risk from the sword of Damocles. At an unexpected moment, a small chaos might cause the huge swirl till it generates the disastrous damage. Then a swine really flies since no one could resist that strong gale dermes.

Comfortable living is to be botched when the power of nature sweeps out the earth. A grateful mercy allows to repent the sin which reminds everyone of the hardship being in this land. We find it not hard to conquer outer space, but have difficulty reaching the agreement of a solid hometown. Nonetheless, we do not seem to care that dermes.

It does not caution any worry in the peaceful day. Only at the time we meet problems, will we sense the importance of remedy. Things could worsen and act as same as the effect of a slow boiling frog which never knows the next second probably would be the deadline. Yet, it also refreshes after being formatted and replenished.
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