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2016/07/11 09:59
It is quite often that we are asked to do somebody else a favor because he or she is needed for help. Usually it is just that normal. We sometimes do have some troubles and no one else can circumvent difficulties herakles plus.

Some guys will come out to say and ask again and again for help. Of many questions they inquire, actually, I do not read any troublesome things at all. To be honest, many things we can just resort to online searching. Though Google is not permitted to access, we can have some other search engines to look for what we want. As a matter of fact, the internet is a gigantic treasure as in an encyclopedia with enormous volumes of knowledge.

Just several days ago, a friend wanted me to help him explain a file sent into my inbox. When I opened it after work, I found it was an electronic voucher. It has specific introduction of the time, place and announcements with full indication. I told him it was a voucher and more details that he could just follow the introduction. Actually I knew he would have known it by looking up dictionary and read the main idea. In fact his hours of waiting are enough for him to conduct the study. And I also knew my reply did not cater to his satisfaction since he wanted me to give him a Chinese version. Looking up those unfamiliar words do not cost much time, and it is not a long article which requires a lot energy and time degree course.

I can be sure most of us do meet that kind of people who just want all of those things freely as if we are doomed to be volunteers. I am the kind of one who is willing to help. Usually I do not directly give out the answer but guide the guy who wants to solve problems. By doing so, it will let the guy knows how to figure out a problem on his own. Next time when he meets that issue, he won’t feel it hard to tackle that. While, most of those guys just do not have that patience, they’d rather say: “Hey, just give me the answer,” “Can you help to translate this paragraph?” “I have a listening material, would you mind transferring it into words, since I cannot dictate it well.” or “Can you just tell me how to invest the money.” Sorry, I am not the god with that patience to solve all the petty trifles. I am not hired to solve problems korea data sim card.

When those guys are refused out of content expectation, some of them would even say bad words. I can only understand that is really how weak the relation is and those ones are not deserved to be on lists. I always think if I am given help; I will be with great appreciation. If not, I still feel fine since I can do it by myself.

Not everybody is free at all the time and not everybody is obliged to offer the free favor. Be grateful to thank those who have helped us ever. A mutual understanding and respect lights up glory.

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