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Food Carnival
2016/05/30 12:27
According to the nomination there was going to have 112 families take part in the third Food Carnival in the community on May 21th this weekend. That mean it is almost over 300 people big outside catering event will be hold vpark.

Top leader of this event is called “Fu Ren”, nick name from the wechat is Madam, She is a leadership style with her lovely smile, and she does what just for funs, nothing to be so serious, that’s why I like her. One month ago she has been busy for the proposal of party, according to the last two years experiences and this year more owners will join in then before, so organizing committee are all volunteers of owners with 10 people including me. Her draft proposal has been posted to the group, I am one of the group leader and going to in charge collecting table, chair and sign in for coming families, and the people are concerning about the result of competition dishes, that’s all my team responsibilities JUPAS Interview.

One week ago I created a new group with 8 persons of my team, most of them did not know each other yet, I did my draft plan in word file for those duties to tell my idea and delegate it’s into individual, in fact, this is the small case for me, I just do the clear responsibilities management.

The nice weather of this Saturday, we came to the spot where is at one of street in the community at the early morning for the preparation, there were 30 long tables and around tables and 300 hundreds chair, laying the table linen, making the number of table, blowing the balloons, etc, some volunteers are busy with sound system, some are teaching small girls and boys to be the guests issuing gifts, three of hosts to pick up the line. The banners has been hanged up, everything is in harmonious. Just waiting the guests coming.

Starting at 10am, the firecracker to be first bell to tell everybody the event has been started, the loud and clear voice from the hosts ware welcoming all the guests, dancing and music were playing and enjoying, every family would make a special kind of home make dishes one or two to take part in the competition, display to appointed the number of table, everyone can try before voting, Prizes are given to the best providers, the food was so tasty and includes cakes, BBQ, pork, beef and seafood, desserts and a lot of different foods. Every volunteers was wearing red scarf, looks so young and energetic company incorporation.

Please see my photos which is really hard to tell how nice party we had, I made a special photo album with a nice music for the party from begging to the end, my friends are so admiring what I have the sunny day and good mood with my neighbors. And like to be involving social activities and getting more communication with others.
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