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清海無上師 甘露法語 - [在世明師超凡的愛與無邊的智慧]
2016/10/28 18:59


The killing energy will also stay inside the atmosphere, until the forgiving energy and the loving energy dissolve it. So if we kill too many animals, we will also incur upon our atmosphere a lot of this kind of violent atmosphere. And when people pass through this kind of atmosphere by chance, they will become irritated, or they might even want to act violently or to harm somebody, hurt somebody, or kill somebody. And that’s adding to war, which already happened or going to happen. It’s adding to the violent energy. Also, this kind of killing energy will also make disaster, like we call it natural or man-made disaster; it is all because of violent energy from killing or harming or hurting or torturing living beings. Even hatred or violent thought also creates bad energy and in turn will pollute the atmosphere that we live in and create some other disaster or war or trouble.

Video-0911 在世明師超凡的愛與無邊的智慧
The Extraordinary Love and Immeasurable Wisdom of a Living Master