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Lift a finger is also a kind of happiness
2013/11/15 12:31

My family lives in my unit organs compound, is responsible for the hospital garbage is a sixty year old woman. She is not tall, very fat, but it looks strong and healthy. In my impression is always wearing a straw hat, neck hung a towel, pulling the two handcart a round baffle is high, sweat. Her monthly salary less than four hundred yuan, heard or tuoshuren help to workpolo shirts on sale.

Regardless of wind and rain, heat and cold, she always on time in the time I go to work. Empty, full into the car, sometimes a car is not fit to second times, and even have third cars, she is still a step forward, his!

The compound cut has a slope road ten metres near forty degrees, but intermediate design steps for step, otherwise, the old woman is in any case not move heavy truck discharge door. The first time to give her a hand is my son to send his son to school, walking into a mouth to cry to say he's on duty today not earlier called him, I pursued him to change let him buy breakfast, his head also don't return rushed outside, I would hit the heart love, school actively still afraid of man it is a good thing, and hungry he a two meal can eat slowly under the problem might be. Heart to think he slowed down, take a look mask house, not far away in front of a wagon is slowly creeping slope. I stepped up the pace to catch up with great care, the hands at the back of the baffle, secretly pulled, according to the old woman pace slowly push. The distance of ten meters but with my usual twenty times, reach the top of the hill, car tail is more and more low, probably is the old woman feel the car more relaxed than usual to estimate the help she stopped to have a look who it is. I hurriedly go ahead, immediately smiled at her, she could not speak I have been to the oncoming five road bus waved up. Through the window, the old woman stop there left holding the handlebar right hand straw hat to me hard rocking, until the corner only to find that she stop volatile cap hand wipe the sweat with a toweldvd storage.

I stood in the car a arise spontaneously happiness over the body makes me relaxed and matchless. Her eyes appearing slightly prolonged smile and waved to convey her silent gratitude and heartfelt gratitude. I inadvertently help get is boundless respect; lift a finger for me is happy gift!

Friends, maybe my happiness to you too low, too low, happiness in life often in many casual. Perhaps you lift a finger will bring greater, more happiness and joy, you don't care, you inadvertently lift a finger will be remembering forever!

Lift a finger, not worth bothering about?! In life there are many such people: do not put in the mind; but have forever!
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