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Its brightness dazzles the eyes
2013/09/24 10:37

White shoes also is I most loves, white shoes complex can be traced back to the primary school, hong kong company register at that time, see the other kids to wear white shoes, envy, every mother and abrasive, finally mother to my Ruanmoyingpao, a pair of white tennis shoes fell on me since the feet, wearing white shoes, like I'm leaving the ground to float, pad tiptoe float float, every day will be careful to give it up -- with white powder coated again, registration of company in Hong Kong until the two shoes all broke a hole, I came back to the ground, but a white ball the dream is not the end of the shoe. White shoes, always see youth, youth students, a T-shirt, a pair of worn jeans, a pair of white tennis shoes, without any cosmetics, can be an interpretation in high spirit, reach the acme of perfection, sunny.

Stretch as far as eye can see the beach, a linen dress, drag to the ankle, two long braided hemp flowers, a pair of straw sandals, no beauty, no need of stunning and moving, but can show another kind of pastoral style. The gorgeous color, two thin straps cross winding, kissed the feet, both gentle and sweet, like a beautiful flower gently volts on the foot, never abandon, add radiance and beauty to each other and natural real nature, with a hint of pastoral style, makes people indulge in pleasures without stop.

Like every kind of shoes, embroidered shoes charming touching, so light swing, high-heeled shoes swaying graceful, stare God fly, white shoes, pure and simple youth, straw sandals romantic beautiful, natural and pure and fresh Business Registry Hong Kong, each pair of shoes has its own landscape, each pair of shoes has its own soul, only truly understand it will release the shoe inner depths of the soul, will foot style interpretation of dripping wet delicate.
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