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Sleep with me and my loneliness
2013/03/19 16:41
I have a friend with a three-month salary to buy a LV handbag, low-key things she does not like this covered logo, but she said, when one day she found that almost everyone in the circle of a LV, she I suddenly felt a little lonely.

This is a frustrating thing. Eaten countless meals and a person is still only a nodding acquaintance; 300 phone number saved in the phone, but I do not know which number you can dial and talk to the sadness of the sudden in the middle of the night ...

Loneliness has become life's most stubborn, the most enduring part of, and with which the confrontation, fighting, reconciliation almost throughout our lifetime best mobile accessories. How many people can do like Kafka, enjoy solitude, or even desire for solitude, as he said: "Instead of saying I live in solitude, it would be better to say that I have been off the hook here. Fact, loneliness is my sole purpose , is a great temptation for me ... "

There was a time, I suspect that this is only Kafka play it cool posture. Until I while back reading American writer Richard Yates "eleven kinds of loneliness", I began to identify with his point of view: the people are alone, and no one escaped had, this is our tragedy.

Kafka must have long understood this, so give those pointless to resist, his three engagement three times the dissolution of marriage, career, no ambition.

Like eleven kinds of loneliness, "a story," good luck ". Grace tomorrow and Ralph married, and and colleagues warmly bless her, sent her gifts, she also combined with the carnival atmosphere in the office. But her he was a burst of sudden panic gripped: she really want to marry this man? She seems obsessed with is interesting as boss as a man, and at the Christmas party, she even kiss him, but now she has to some uninteresting and another man got married. This unease and fear, Grace simply unspeakable.

The plot is so familiar The best mobile accessory. A friend said that the wedding day, he a person stay in the toilet crying a. His sad I do not know where to. This one looks almost perfect marriage, sometimes even he thought so, too. But he was at that moment, felt no name like lonely.

Was seen as an economics teacher in the United Kingdom is projected figures: a man find true love probability is 1/280000, In other words, the vast majority of people in the wedding day, indeed the cry.
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