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Just a city
2014/02/13 15:10

The end of the holiday time, once again on the city road, misty rain, pedestrians passing, I think no one will notice a girl with rain welcome the wind alone in this land.

Familiar with the streets of unfamiliar faces, we go a hurry, the city of the morning is busy most of the time, we are busy hurrying to work, busy for their dreams to fight. Thin rain falls on the body, the cool wind in the ears, let this morning more chilly.

At home also is drifting the snow cardinal manchester, they surrounded the right neighborhood joke, children are running in the snow pile snowman playing with snow battle. Here, a busy year cycle has quietly begun.

Want to maintain an oilpaper umbrella, leaving behind a string of footsteps in the stone street in the twilight, open the closed window, through the lonely city; to move a chair, in the ancient sun rain falling in the stone, read a story, sing a song song to skim years; a holding warm air, in the stretch as far as eye can see field releases his kite, hope for, let the dream germination.

Yesterday, in the peach blossom forest appreciate peach blossom in full bloom, in pursuit of East West Lake historic site, now alone on the town, watching the lights like a busy street, water like the rush of pedestrians in the heart is very empty, because this city no man, no one has seen the sunrise, etc.. Flowers, heard the boy. Life always have so a period of time, forget the name, blurred the future, know I love you "".

Those who are in the past, those quiet the past nu skin, I lamented that silly, but also miss that time really. Some people say that when a man began to miss the past, that his heart began to grow old, twenty-three years old, still should be the prime age, but I know that in the future, I won't stand for two hours in the sun, only to see on the pitch that vigorous figure; not blush the heartbeat, but very sweet because blurred the circle pass over the note of a few words; without prior written message modification again and again until the morning zero o'clock to him, only for the first blessing to him, though the past only four words "Happy birthday". Because I know in the future the road will not be so a person every day while I do not pay attention to mess up my hair, and then at me giggle; not that someone even accidentally touched my hand will be red face away, half day speechless; also won't have it what a person will be in the winter, the cold morning, g-suite cardinal in half an hour near my house, so I put my hand in his warm pocket go not far from the school, then see someone after flurried escape. Time, for each of us is very fair, waiting for the end is no longer waiting, miss is life......

Don't know from what time, have been used to go out by car days, do not know from what time to start has not think of the past will read a book to see tears, perhaps it is time to change everything, after a few years, we have turned into another person, but the most beautiful in the midnight night amid the picture always stay in the moonlit Road, can even hear the very light footsteps died away.

The once very close, very close but has the horizon, the world of mortals too hasty, even for each met the beautiful painting of a full stop or pale or, perhaps we are the most beautiful, may regret it more memorable. Spring day is coming, this year is not to care for flowering, now I'm not afraid to miss flower, because, here, just a city......
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