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2014/06/10 17:26
Dear Dolphin.(faithsmile)

特前來恭喜您所發表「Boy A 男孩別哭」一文,已經登上聯合新聞網首頁,娛樂追星|影劇Blogs,歡迎有空前往觀看。^_^



2013/06/11 16:51

親愛的 udn 格友,您好:

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相關詳情請參考「udn 部落格新版上線預告

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2013/05/22 21:07

讓各位久等的 udn 部落格新版,即將於2013/06/17上線!


需請您特別注意的是, udn部落格新版的全域網址將進行切換,預計於2013/06/17(一) 凌晨00:00-12:00停機。切換完畢後的新版網址將改為,舊版網址則改為。屆時會有全新的部落格體驗,等待您的參與和經營分享。


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2011/01/01 09:57
2010/10/31 21:02
Cyberspace Cooperation
1.4Demographic Profile
The federal court noted in passing that, in 1981, BU had obtained injunctions in state court prohibiting at least one of the present defendants from selling term papers to BU students. 33 F.Supp.2d at 71. This observation shows the remarkable persistence of businessmen who sell term papers to students, since the businesses were still selling term papers 17 years later.
2010/10/22 02:19
After the drug has been approved, phase IV trials may be initiated. These trials are also referred to as postmarketing studies. They are conducted for the approved indication, but may evaluate different doses, the effects of extended therapy, or the drug's safety in patient populations that were not represented in premarketing clinical trials. These phase IV trials may be requested by the FDA or they may be initiated by the sponsor in an attempt to gather more data on the safety and efficacy of the drug or to identify a competitive advantage of the drug over other available therapies.
The effects of MDMA can be described as those of a hallucinogenic amphetamine, combining some effects of amphetamine (ie, speed) with that of LSD (ie, acid). However, many of the effects are dose dependent, and auditory and/or visual hallucinations are not commonly observed. Much of the abuse potential lies in its pleasurable subjective effects (eg, empathy, euphoria, disinhibition, increased sensuality). Hence, MDMA is often described as the
2010/05/18 23:45