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And the book as a friend
2013/12/30 11:13

Book, is the most sincere friends of human beings; the book, let us grow up in happiness; the book, has given us the most simple love Propecia

The book is a good friend of human. In life, we often because of some unnecessary trifles, at this moment, a book to warm your heart, is the most appropriate. The book is like a good friend, when I am not happy, the book will comfort me, to help me; when I am in trouble, and I will share the happiness; when I am frustrated, the book will encourage me, teach me on the road of life is tough Best Restaurants in Hong Kong.

The book, can cultivate our sentiment, improve my writing skills, broaden my horizons. Premier Zhou Enlai once said: "the rise of the Chinese school!" For the future of the motherland, for the motherland a better tomorrow, we have to study, have to booksdata centre!

The book taught me to grow, let frustration become a part of our success, and not a stumbling block. The book let me know how to care for the young, the book let me know how to honor their elders, the book taught me the truth in life aveeno baby hk., let me write a book more dazzling psalm!

Love books! Books are the source of knowledge, the book is human not old peanut! Whenever, wherever, as long as the book, to read! The teenagers, reading! Let us with the book as a friend, let it become an indispensable part of our life!
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