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Still 100% photograph free!
2021/08/23 04:36
Hello. It is Sunday. I do try to write a little something every day during the week, but summer is always my busiest time at work and blah blah blah. I did, however, attend a barbecue luncheon benefit yesterday with several coworkers and MANY HOT POLICEMEN (it was a law enforcement charity event). Alas, I did not take any pictures because hi! The law does not like to pose!

(I also maybe have not found my camera cord, which is in a mysterious hiding place apparently.)

The luncheon yesterday took place somewhere south of the 10 (read: far from the Valley) but I carpooled with some folks so as not to get lost in the scary city. It was hot outside, and I was dressed in my work clothes and so on, so naturally I started to complain about this to my coworkers when I was immediately struck speechless (this is RARE, folks, RARE) because all the sudden we were standing on a parking lot with tents and chairs and burgers and MANY MEN IN UNIFORMS WEARING GUNS HOT HOT SO HOT CAN'T SPEAK.

What is it about a man in uniform? So... commanding. So serious. So decided! (As if "decided" were a quality you want in a man but WHATEVER. Go with me. Decided!)

It is a beautiful thing.

With Southern Ingenuity ("Oh ya'll, I think I need to sit over theah in the shade, you see I might burn, since this sun is so powerful hot today!") (why people put up with me is beyond comprehension) but anyway, I managed to get myself seated at a table directly across from a very attractive arm of the law if you know what I mean and I think you do. We ended up chitchatting (how DID that happen!) and he was so cute, and so decided, and honestly I was beginning to think maybe the Summer Of My Dating Discontent was coming to an end, when we had the following conversation:

Me: So, this is a ... detention center?

John Q. Law: Yes, well, it's more of a booking facility. The main central jail is closer to where you work in downtown.

Me: Oh! I saw that on Lockup on MSNBC! That John Siegenthaler is very serious.

John Q. Law: Oh yeah. I think I saw that one.

Me: I've only seen the L.A. County episode and the episode about the place that houses Charles Manson.

John Q. Law: Who is Charles Manson?



Me: Um. He was a guy, he uh, is kind of famous? Controlled a cult of young people with his mind and there was a famous murder...?

John Q. Law: When was this? (furrows (cute) forehead)

Me: Oh, early seventies, I think.

John Q. Law: Oh! Huh. Well, that was before I was born then. I kinda rememember the Menendez dudes, I was like maybe five then. Or seven or something.




Me: I'm going to get a Diet Coke now.

I turned to my co-woker, who had overheard this exchange. "Hand me my cane! Gramma needs a Diet Coke!" John Q. Law, to his decidedly adorable credit, did not get the grandma joke. I love the youth of our city. They are so YOUTHFUL. What with their YOUNGNESS and all.

I wonder if you can get locked up BY the Law for attempting to rob the cradle of the Law in the presence of the Law?
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