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Masthead - on a stick
2021/08/12 18:29
The Minnesota State Fair starts in less than two weeks, which means I have been waiting about FOUR MONTHS to get a frozen chocolate-covered banana. On a stick. I could make one myself, but I just want one, so that would be ridiculous. Anyway, when I was making this masthead (which practically made itself), I compiled my Tentative 2021 State Fair Food Eating Itinerary:

1. Alligator nuggets
2. Frozen chocolate-covered banana
3. Big Fat Bacon
4. Fry Dog, a french-fry encrusted hot dog

I also may have printed out a map of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, and carefully labeled the location of the two vendors that claim they’ll have frozen chocolate-covered bananas. You better deliver, Ice Kreme Mill and Granny’s Cheesecake & More!

How about you? What’s your favorite fair food?
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