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Cultural differencies
2021/07/31 02:20
Okay, I might be having a different culture type moment. I have never seen a sign like that. What kinds of places over there are “child free”? I’m commenting in the dark a bit, because I’m not sure what types of places you are talking about. Somehow I have a feeling that you are not talking about pubs and whore houses.
I do believe that places that sell only alcohol should be adults only just because I think it could be dangerous for a child, and sometimes adults need to be able to let loose in an environment where there are no little people around.
Also I think it is reasonable to expect that If I’m paying a significant amount of money for a fancy romantic dinner in a very fancy restaurant, that there will not be children yelling and screaming and throwing food around.
Now having said that, I believe the solution is not to ban children from fancy restaurants all together, rather to have “family” sections. Like we do over here. I know that my son is a real little gentlemen. He’s great at restaurants and I wouldn’t hesitate to take him to the fanciest of the fancy restaurants. I also know that no matter how great he is he may have a meltdown or a tantrum. He’s only three after all. I can understand that people who are not parents or do not have their children with them could have their evening ruined by this.

Do your restaurants not have family sections?
I have never seen a sign such as the one shown here. I have been at places that are obviously anti-child as shown by their lack of high chairs, booster seats, facilities, and childrens menu.
Oh, wait, When I joined my gym, they did say no children allowed, but I think that’s because if you are busy exercising then you are not watching your child and some of those machines are really dangerous. I think that is pretty reasonable, because I would never bring my son to the gym, there’s nothing there for him, and I wouldn’t be able to work out if he was there.
I’ve never heard “child free” before (except in terms of “Child free labor” which is absolutely a good thing!)
I believe where ever there are children there should be someone making sure the children are safe.
So am I part of the problem or are things really that different over there?
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