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讀報筆記06:不簡單的餿水油 -- 詞彙
2014/09/14 04:18

這一篇重點:動詞與名詞的搭配(verb-noun collocation);動詞變形容詞。



Taiwan 1Reels From Gutter Oil Scandal


 SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 6:56 AM



The authorities in Taiwan are scrambling to control a tainted-cooking-oil scandal that has affected hundreds of manufacturers and 2raised fears about 3health risks posed in many 4commonly consumed food items.



The scandal comes during the Mid-Autumn Festival and has 5dampened enthusiasm for giving and consuming mooncakes, a traditional seasonal snack.



Regulators are examining the extent to which the substandard oil has been exported to Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. Hong Kong’s Center for Food Safety said Maxim’s Cakes, a prominent retailer in the Chinese city, had removed from its shelves pineapple cakes made from oil from a Taiwan manufacturer 6implicated in the scandal.



On Sept. 1 7the police raided a factory in southern Taiwan that is accused of producing hundreds of tons of oil that had been recycled from restaurant waste and slaughterhouse byproducts. Another company, Chang Guann, bought and reprocessed the 8tainted material into 782 tons of oil. Of that, 645 tons of oil were sold widely around Taiwan, with 236 tons recovered thus far, officials from the Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration said Saturday. Some of the 9unrecovered oil may have already been consumed, they acknowledged.



In recent years illegally recycled oil has 10emerged as a serious food safety concern in China, where it is 11known colloquially asgutter oil.” The substance is dangerous not just because of poor sanitation associated with illegal 12recycling operations, but because 13reused oil can contain carcinogens such as benzopyrene and aflatoxin.



So far no cases of illness have 14been associated with the recycled oil scandal in Taiwan. Yeh Ming-kung, the director of the Food and Drug Administration, said Saturday that there was no immediate health risk from the oil, but the authorities have promised further testing amid criticism from consumers in Taiwan that they are 15playing down the threat.



Prime Minister Jiang Yi-huah of Taiwan had 16called for all products known to be made with the tainted oil to be removed from store shelves by Sunday. A day earlier the Food and Drug Administration said about 167 tons of food items had been recovered, including instant noodles, cookies and dumplings.



The recycled oil scandal follows a series of incidents in 2013 that 17raised questions about the enforcement of food quality standards in Taiwan. Several companies were found to have added illegal 18coloring agents to 19cooking oils and diluted olive oil with cheaper products such as cottonseed oil.



“Despite the rise of public attention to food safety and the authorities’ efforts to improve the quality of food manufacturing, the new scandal shows that there is still not enough being done to eliminate 20lawbreaking production lines,” The Taipei Times said in an editorial Monday that 21called for harsher punishments for food safety violations.





gutter oil  地溝油

tainted cooking oil

substandard oil

illegally recycled oil


至於台灣原本的用語「餿水油」,並沒出現。餵豬的餿水英文叫 pigswill




1 reel from…scandal  受醜聞重擊。reel 意思是「步伐不穩,腳步踉蹌」。

2 raise fears  引起恐懼

17 raise questions  引起疑慮

3 pose health risks  造成健康上的危害

5 dampen enthusiasm for…  減損、打擊的興致

6 be implicated in the scandal  涉及這樁醜聞

7 the police raided a factory  警方突襲某工廠

11 be known colloquially as  俗稱為

14 be associated with…  ...相關

15 play down the threat  低調處理這樁威脅;刻意淡化,不想大肆張揚

16 called for all products to be removed from store shelves  公開要求所有產品下架

21 an editorial called for harsher punishments  一篇社論呼籲嚴懲



這種和名詞搭配的動詞,可以轉換為形容詞,就是所謂的分詞形容詞(participial adjective)。這一組是被動語氣的形容詞(passive participle):

4 commonly consumed food items

     People commonly consume these food items. 轉換來的。

8 tainted material

    Something taints the material. 轉換來的。

    taint 意思是損傷品質。

9 unrecovered oil

    The government has not recovered the oil. 轉換來的。

    注意:英文並不把 unrecover 當一個字。

13 reused oil

    Someone reuses the oil. 轉換來的。



12 recycling operations

    Some operations recycle oil. 轉換來的。

    operations 是指公司行號

18 coloring agents

    The agents are for giving colors to food. 轉換來的。

19 cooking oils

    The oils are used for cooking 轉換來的。

20 lawbreaking production lines

    The production lines break the law. 轉換來的。


最後,emerge 這個動詞本意是「浮出水面」,放在這一句的意思則是「to start to exist; to appear or become known(OALD),我試著把這兩個意思合著翻出來:

10 In recent years illegally recycled oil has emerged as a serious food safety concern in China.


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