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句型翻譯 (中壢):進階 Weeks 7~8 完整版
2021/01/22 21:30

Answer Key

Practice 1

1. (a) A hungry feral dog may be as dangerous as a tiger.

(b) Hungry feral dogs may be as dangerous as tigers.

2. (a) Are nuts as nutritious as meat / meats?

(b) Do nuts have as much nutritional value as meat / meats?

3. My boss is ten times as stubborn as a donkey.

4. (a) At first glance / sight, she is as ordinary / common / normal a woman as other women.

(b) , she is a woman as ordinary as others.


Practice 2

1. Who is more optimistic, you or your sister?

2. Is rubber more flexible than metal (is)?

3. The new system works / operates much / a lot / far more efficiently than the old system / one (does).

4. (a) Living in a rented apartment will be / is more comfortable than living in a student dormitory.

(b) It will be / is more comfortable to live in a rented apartment than (to live) in a student dormitory.

(c) You can live more comfortably in a rented apartment than in the student dormitory / accommodation / hall (of residence).

5. (a) The area of Canadian territory is slightly / a little larger than that [=the area] of US territory (is).

(b) In terms of (territory) area, Canada is slightly larger than the US.

6. (a) I have never seen a more persevering person than she is / her.

(b) I have never seen anyone more persevering than she is / her.

7. My English has been getting better and better over / for the past three months.

8. The baby is speaking / talking more and more clearly day by day / gradually / little by little.

9. (a) Compared with / to their parents generation, the young people today / nowadays / now enjoy more / greater freedom and prosperity.

(b) In comparison with the generation of their parents, toady the youth have greater access to freedom and prosperity.


Practice 3

1. (a) White bread is not as nutritious as whole meal bread/ whole wheat bread (is).

(b) White bread is less nutritious than whole wheat bread (is).

(c) White bread does not have as much nutritional value as whole meal bread.

(d) White bread has less nutritional value than whole meal bread.

2. (a) Children usually are not as patient as adults (are).

(b) Children are usually less patient than adults (are).

3. (a) A shower uses / consumes less water than a bath (does).

(b) A shower doesnt use / doesnt consume as much water as a bath (does).

4. (a) They dont visit museums as often / frequently as we do.

(b) They visit museums less often / less frequently than we do.

5. (a) This library has far fewer books than that one / library (does).

(b) This library doesnt have nearly as many books as that one (does).

(c) There are far fewer books in this library than in that one.

(d) Books in this library are far fewer than (those) in that one.

(e) The number of books in this library is much lower than that / the number in that one.

Practice 4

1. (a) Of all languages, does English have the most (vocabulary) words?

(b) , does English have the greatest number of words?

(C) , does English have the largest vocabulary? (Of all languages也可放句尾)

2. The Pacific (Ocean) is the deepest ocean in the world.

3. Of all the jokes you have told, this one is the least funny.

4. Each of the finals / final exams was very difficult, but the least difficult (one) was physics.

5. Tokyo is the largest / biggest city in Japan.

6. Tokyo is one of the largest / biggest cities in the world / on Earth.

7. (a) Lead is one of the heaviest metals of all.

(b) Lead is one of the heaviest of all metals.

8. The Great Wall of China is the longest structure that has ever been built / (that is) ever built.

9. Turning down / Declining / Refusing that offer is the most stupid / foolish mistake (that) I have ever made.

10. That was the most pleasant-looking man (that) I have ever met / set eyes on / seen.

11. Of all drivers / motorists, young people have the highest rate of (car / automobile / auto / traffic) accidents.

12. In our solar system, Neptune is the least close to the sun.

13. (a) Conquering Jade Mountain has always been one of the toughest challenges for mountain climbers at home and abroad.

(b) It has always been one of the most difficult challenges for both local and foreign mountaineers to conquer Jade Mountain.

14. Since its operation began in 2007, the High Speed Rail has become one of the most convenient and fastest means of transportation in Taiwan. (詳解請參看另頁)