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句型翻譯 (中壢):進階 Week 6
2021/01/13 23:18

Answer Key


1. The conditional clause [= if-clause] may follow or precede the main clause.


2. For more details on #9, click here.


1. (a) You (will) have to use an ATM if you need/want to withdraw money on a holiday.

(b) One has to/will have to use an ATM if one needs/wants to withdraw…

2. If flights are/a flight is delayed, passengers can usually have/get/receive meal vouchers.

3. If you visit Taipei (as a tourist), don’t miss the night markets.

4. I will be in time for the meeting if I catch the fast/express train that departs in five minutes.

5. If a cashier should / Should a cashier give you extra change, will you be honest and return it?

6. If customers should / Should customers complain about / be dissatisfied with the quality of any product, refer them directly to the customer service / customer care department.

7. Will you treat me to dinner/buy me dinner if I will help you (to) grade/mark these test papers?

8. If I were a cat / Were I a cat, all I have to do would be (to) eat, play, and sleep all day.

9. (a) If humans/human beings didn’t waste so much paper, forests wouldn’t decrease in area so rapidly.

(b) …, the areas of forests wouldn’t decrease/wouldn’t be reduced so rapidly.

10. Would you go to a psychiatrist if you had a recurring/recurrent nightmare?

11. (a) I wouldn’t have gone mountain climbing if I had known about the coming typhoon.

(b) … if I had known that the/a typhoon was coming/ approaching/ near/ imminent.

12. I might not have bought this apartment if I had known the high rate/frequency of burglary on this street.