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2008/09/25 17:13

As a child, I lived in the country. I loved to look up the stars that   twinkled at night of a cloudless weather in the sky. I thought that angels brought dreams for me. How miraculous nature is! I was

glad of their companies untill I grow up.

Now I live in a town. The sky is always dull because it is covered with clouds. I can hardly see them. I yearn for them all.

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1樓. 天山...
2008/12/15 14:18
Ah, this is it
I lived in a country side when I was little. I was happy. smart and joyful.
When I grew up, I lived in the city and buried myself in the books. I never
take a look of the stars. I am considered successful now but I am not completely happy as to my ultimate standard. I am searching for the answer. An answer to make me content and smiles. I wish one day I could say to myself, "Ah, this is it".