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H7N9, 新型禽流感病毒與預防
2013/04/19 13:54

H7N9, New Type of Avian Influenza And Prevention




(A) 監控

(B) 疫苗

(C) 檢疫證明

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 21 H7N9 cases have been reported in China as of 4/8. Seven of those who were infected died. After this unusual strain of bird flu was found in pigeons on sale in Shanghai, Chinese authorities killed more than 20,000 bird products, including chickens, ducks, geese, and pigeons in the city to prevent the (1) spread of the deadly new virus. Not only does this directly affect the Chinese economy, it’s affecting Agribusiness in other countries all over the world as well.


So far, no cases of human-to-human transmission of the H7N9 virus have been confirmed. The virus has not been shown to spread easily between humans. However, for safety reasons, more than 530 close contacts of the H7N9 patients have been (A) monitored.


One of them (2) developed similar flu symptoms after having close contact with a patient who died of H7N9 virus, but was tested negative for H7N9. Recently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working closely with Chinese authorities trying to find the source of the human infections and to develop a (B) vaccine for this strain.


Before a vaccine of H7N9 is developed, experts recommend 4 DO NOT and 4 DO rules to the readers in order to prevent the infection.


4 DO NOT – 4不要

1. Do not touch: don’t touch the birds 不接觸:不接觸鳥類

2. Do not eat: don’t eat the chicken that died from illness 不食用:不食用病死雞肉

3. Do not buy: don’t buy anything without (C) quarantine certificate 不購買:不購買無檢疫證明之商品

4. Do not go: don’t go to high infection locations, such as the hospital, or the airport 不出入:不出入高感染場所,如醫院或機場

4 DO – 4 要

1. Have well-done food: boil the food before you eat 要熟食:煮熟再吃

2. Separate raw food and cooked food: to prevent cross-infection 要分食:避免交互感染

3. (3) Stay clean: wash hands often 要衛生:勤洗手

4. Strengthen the immunity system: exercise, and have great lifestyle 要加強免疫力:運動或擁有良好生活作息


(1) Spread 蔓延、傳播、散布

spread可以是動詞也可以是名詞。使用spread表達散布,有遍及的意味在;也可使用片語spread out表示分佈、延伸。

例:The situation was complicated by the spread of a serious forest fire. 因一場嚴重的森林大火的蔓延,導致情況複雜。

(2) develop 發(燒)


  • develop a fever是指「有發燒症狀」。
  • 培養對某件事情的興趣,可以說develop an interest in something。
  • 養成閱讀習慣,用develop the habit of reading。

(3) Stay clean 保持清潔


例:The weather changes a lot during this week. Stay Healthy! 這周天氣變化很大,記得保持健康!