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My fruit garden
2017/10/20 18:42
This was very initially when my mother came Australia after we visited Queensland and stayed at a caravan park, she picked up some sweet Mongo dropt into ground, we ate them and brought the seeds back home.

A few months later I bought a lemon and an orange tree.

I bought a cherry and star fruit tree further.

We got the first star fruit one year later.

I bought an apricot and a kumquat tree.

Mongo was growing but no fruit produced in the first few years.

I made an automatically watering and pipe systems.

I paved the garden with plastic blanket to prevent the lawn and weeds growing

I decided cover pebble out site the plastic blanket so it looks better.

I made a path way so we can access and pick up fruit easier in the future.

This is a team work at my home.

After a very hard work in one weekend this was the reward for my kids.

This is the final look.

There was a harvest last year. We had a first time eaten mongo we growing ourselves.

Another ripe vegetable in my back yard.

Just blooming this year we anticipate another big harvest is coming.

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