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In Love With A Killer
2021/08/03 05:27
So last night, while laying in bed, after drinking coffee at 9 PM (what was I SMOKING? :pirate: ) I came up with the most fabulous blog post……..*sigh* then the cat started licking my hair and I fell asleep (this after listening to him wheeze in my ear for an hour).

I do remember it was about writing so I’m going to ramble a while and see if it comes back to me. I’m currently working on what will be my fifth Kensington manuscript…but like my *gulp* fifTEENTH manuscript (not all of them finished, one I rewrote, 2 twenty five page proposals, lots and lots of words). Even though I’m probalby less than fifty pages in, writing SCREWED has been an amazingly pleasant experience. I don’t think I’ve felt this relaxed writing in a book in…years.
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